Embrace the Magic of Mykonos right in your home

Luxury Home Decor Handmade in Greece

Embrace the Magic of Mykonos right in your home

Luxury Home Decor Handmade in Greece

Home Decor

Delight in the fascination and wonder of Greece from the comfort of your home. Welcome to Mykonos Home Décor. We are your source for luxury home décor inspired by the magnificent and astounding hues, designs, and culture of the Mediterranean. From décor, to lighting, paintings, furniture and home accessories, we are your premier curator for the most eclectic furnishings designed to redefine your home and add a spark of the seas to your life. Our luxury accessories and pieces ignite passion, curiosity and diversity. Inspired mainly by the Aegean Sea, Mykonos and Santorini, all our products are handcrafted and custom designed. Feel the magic of cultural landscapes, the earthy countryside, clear blue waters and sandy beaches in your dwelling. Furnish your home in fantasy. Welcome to Mykonos Home Décor.





Luxury Custom Drapery

Whether you are looking to darken, decorate or divide your space, you have come to the right place. Our luxury custom drapery is inspired by the gods, goddesses and artistic culture and history of Greece. From seas to sand, we offer a variety of fibers that will enhance any room and bring the aura of Grecian traditions and excellence to your home.

Mykonos Collection

Santorini Collection

Interior Design Services

Whether you are looking for the most graceful, refined and sophisticated home furnishings or you are looking to recreate your home to reflect the enchanted culture of Mykonos, you have come to the right place. At Mykonos Home Décor, we offer design services from our incredibly talented and expert designer, the creator of this very versatile and cultural inspired brand, Anastasios Gliatis. With 20 years’ experience in making spaces astonishing, Anastasio takes his knowledge and proficiency of the Greek culture, specifically Mykonos and Santorini and has created a luxury line that is second to none.

“For me, Mykonos represents more than just an island in Greece, it signifies passion, poise and visual art. It’s also part of my heritage. From its architecture to its traditional whitewashed houses and blue domed churches, Mykonos is a destination filled with captivation and awe. The inspiration for my brand Mykonos Home Décor was born from its deep blue waters, pebbly epic beaches and its cosmopolitan atmosphere. Journey with me to a place where design gets its inspiration. Welcome to Mykonos Home Décor.”

Book your consultation today and bring the air and beauty of Mykonos right to your home. At Mykonos Home Décor, we will create the home of your dreams using the impeccable taste, design and detail from the Mediterranean.


At Mykonos Home Décor, we believe that the accessories build dreams, create memories and ignite inspiration. Custom made to reflect the sophistication and artistry of the vivid landscapes and seas of Mykonos, our accessories are versatile enough to compliment any style or genre. When you invite our pieces into your home or office, you unite the crystal-clear blue waters of the Aegean Sea, with the traditional, colossal, cultured, structures of ancient Greece. Delight in the sensation of artistry, design and décor that beautifies your home and compliments a chic, polished, Grecian style.




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