Born and raised in Greece, the creator of Mykonos Home Décor, Anastasios Gliatis was always enamored by the peaceful, yet enticing colors and sensations of the Aegean Sea.

He has travelled the Grecian Islands and has always been attracted to the vibe and sensation specifically found here that he felt in his heart could truly not be found anywhere else in the world.

As an Interior Designer, Anastasios knew right away that he had to develop a system by which he could bring the look, soul and substance of this experience to homes around the world.

The 2020 Pandemic was the turning point where he was inspired to act. His drive? The importance of creating an elegant yet happy and safe space for families to feel protected and secure. He wanted to create a place where you can embrace health and wellness intertwined with beauty and function.

His recent journey to Greece which is captured throughout this website in various videos and content is a quaint reminder about why Mykonos Home Décor exists today.

Designed with the intention to recreate the vibe of places like Mykonos and Santorini, with its cool, crisp, blue waters and its rustic yet refined earthy tones, we make it possible to make any room in your home a cultural Grecian sanctuary.

Our pieces take you on a journey into a world filled with style, fine detail and a memory of the eclectic Grecian views that you once traveled.

We merge an innate sense of comfort and luxury with a charming sensation of nature and the wild to create a design experience for your home that is first class.

From our scented candles that invite the fresh, invigorating fragrances of the Greek fields like poppy seed, fig trees, olive trees and basil throughout your home to our accessories that are inspired by earth and water, our pieces will capture the rustic beauty of Greece and its connection to the sea.

Our sculptures maintain a rough exterior representing the earth and are immersed in their interior with colors like blue, white and cyan that capture the colors and movement of the ocean.

A constant reminder of tranquility and a conversation starter piece, these can be placed as focal points and centerpieces in your living room or on your dining room table.

Our fabric and textiles are fashioned from the ethos of the Greek home, embroidered in soft tones of whites, blues and creams and merged together in a way that will ignite your curiosity.

Our products offer a sense of serenity by creating a visual impact that captures the wind, creating a soft, elegant ambiance, whereby the flowy movement of these drapes will hypnotize you and bring you back to a place of relaxation.

Our pomegranates and olive trees are symbols throughout the history of ancient Greece representing stability, hope and peace making them a perfect addition to accompany any of our sculptures.

Welcome to a new taste of elegance. Welcome to Mykonos Home Décor

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