Invigorate your life with our multi use Keri handcrafted Candleholders. Imagine your surprise when you hold one of these porcelain vessels for the first time and you feel an ambiance of soft seduction just from its stature. You then gaze at its design and embrace this very distinct yet intimate statement piece and its sits charismatically in your living room casting fascinating and curious shadows to your white coated walls. A reminder of the elegance and the movement of the Mediterranean seas, these candleholders make the perfect backdrop for a very bespoke painting as a votive candle sits enveloped in its clever detail and drifts romantically down the sea.
These candleholders are the ideal décor piece for a cozy dinner for two or a distinct yet captivating centerpiece on your faintly lit, aroma filled dining area. Our Keri candleholders come in 3 assorted sizes and can be sold individually or as a set


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